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Introducing WebMD Telemedicine

Deliver outstanding care from virtually anywhere.

Reach more clients with our HIPAA/HITECH compliant video conferencing platform

Video Conferencing

Securely consult with clients and their pets through HIPAA compliant video conferencing that features screenshare, group conferencing, and a virtual waiting room. Connect with clients virtually at their convenience.

Secure Messaging

Use secure email and chat to monitor patient treatment progress with frequent check-ins to provide quality patient care. Clients can also send secure messages back.

Session Billing

View an up-to-date record of billed and unbilled sessions, declined chargers and transfers.

Online Calendar Scheduling

Increase session appointments with an easy to use calendar in the platform, including recurring appointment options. Patients can also request on-demand sessions 24/7 for on-call practices.

Prescription Management

Write and refill prescriptions for your telemedicine patients in real-time.